A Few Words About Us


  Miller's Taekwon-Do was founded by Master Donovan Miller, the student of Master Rim Song Hack, a student of Grand Master Park Jong Taek (Pioneer of Taekwon-Do), a student of General Choi Hong Hi (founder of Taekwon-Do) in 1996. Master Miller was a former member of the Provincial and National Team, proudly representing his country at multiple world championships individually, he was also a member of the national pattern team competing on the world stage.


  Master Millers' legacy is carried on by his top-ranking black belt, Sabum Troy El Bey, which achieved 4th Dan from Mr. Miller, before succeeding him as Chief Instructor in 2010.


 Sabum El Bey, originally an I.T.F. Taekwon-Do practitioner, competed very successfully winning multiple tournament championships as a color belt and black belt. A former member of the W.T.F. provincial black belt team, competing on the national circuit three consecutive years, before returning to I.T.F, where he continues to compete as a member of the I.T.F. National Team, and continues his study of the original I.T.F. Taekwon-Do, as founded by the late General Choi Hong Hi, succeeded by his son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa.

Mr. El Bey, has to date, achieved a 6th Degree Black Belt, certified by I.T.F., and has attended multiple seminars, with Masters of the I.T.F., Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, Master Parm Rai (Chairman of I.T.F. Technical Committee), Master Galarraga & Master Maidana of Argentina, Master Dalton of Ireland, Master Demers (President of C.E.T.), and presently, current raining "National Champion" since 2011 consecutively in Patterns, Sparring and Power Breaking. Sabum El Bey has won two ITF World Championships (2016-England & 2018-Argentina)


  Miller's Taekwon-Do Academy is a proud member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation (the governing body representing I.T.F. in Canada)

Why Choose Us?


Proud Member of the

Honored member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation(ITF)

Teaching Orthodox ITF Taekwon-Do as 

Founded by General Choi Hong Hi, April 9th, 1918 - June 15th, 2002 who created the term

"TAEKWON-DO" in 1955 and also founded the Internation Taekwon-Do Federation in 1966, before this time there was no such term or art known today as Taekwon-Do.


Proud Member of  the

Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation

(established in 2005, Federally Registered Non-Profit since 2014)

*ONLY  I.T.F. Sanctioned Schools in Brampton!


Proud Home of :

Sabum. T.L. El Bey, 6th Degree Black Belt

*2011 & 2012 I.T.F. National Sparring Champion

*2012 I.T.F. World Championship 3 x Bronze Medalist

*2013 I.T.F. National Patterns Champion

*2013 I.T.F. National Sparring Champion

*2013 I.T.F. National Power Breaking Champion

*2014 I.T.F. National Patterns & Sparring Champion

* 2014 I.T.F. World Championship 4x World Medalist

* 2015 National Pattern, Sparring & Power Breaking Champion 

* 2016 National Pattern, Sparring & Power Breaking Champion

* 2016 I.T.F. World Sparring Champion

* 2018 I.T.F. World Power Breaking Champion


Sabum H. Lake, 5th Degree Black Belt

*2011 & 2012 I.T.F. Women's National Champion

*2012 I.T.F. Women's World Sparring Champion, & 6 x World Medalist(tied for " Best Overall")

*2013 I.T.F. National Sparring Champion

*2013 I.T.F. National Power Breaking Champion

* 2014 I.T.F. World Sparring & Pattern Champion & 7x World Medalist

* 2015 National Pattern, Sparring & Power Breaking Champion

* 2016 National Pattern, Sparring Champion

* 2016 I.T.F. World Sparring Champion( Won "Best Overall")

* 2016 I.T.F. World Special Technique Champion

* 2018 I.T.F. World Pattern Champion 

* 2018 I.T.F. World Power Breaking Champion






2 classes, no-obligation trial

Children's Beginner Classes: 4yrs old + - Classes Tuesday & Thursday beginning @ 6:00 pm

Adult Beginner Classes: Monday, Wednesday & Friday starting @ 7 pm 

Intermediate Classes (Green Stripe -Red Stripe)Tuesday & Thursday starting @7:00 pm

Adult Advanced Classes (Yellow Belt & Up):  Monday - Friday  @ 8:oo pm


Saturday @ 11:00 am


"It's never too late to begin the journey to self-improvement!" T. L. El Bey


I.T.F Taekwon-Do provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills to successfully defend themselves in what has proved to be a dangerous world! Conditioning the mind and the body helps us to be strong individuals, both in spirit and discipline! Developing a strong work ethic, self-confidence and leadership skills give the student a great foundation to be successful in life. Taekwon-Do also gives the added bonus of being in great physical health, through rigorous exercise, for students of all ages! We give classes for kids starting 5yrs and up and adults of all ages!