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1. Never tire of learning. A good student can learn anywhere, anytime. This is the secret of knowledge. 


2. A good atudent must be willing to sacrifice for his art and instructor. Many student feel that their training is a commodity bought with monthly dues, and are unwilling to take part in demonstrations, teaching and working around the do jang. An instructor can afford to lose this type of  student. 


3. Always set a good example for lower ranking students. It is only natural they will attempt to emulate senior students.


4. Always be loyal and never criticize the instructor, Taekwon-Do or the teaching methods. 


5. If an instructor teaches a technique, practise it and attempt to utilize it.


6. Remember that a student's conduct outside the do jang reflects on the art and instructor.


7. If a student adopts a technique from another do jang and the instructor disapproves of it the setudent must discard it immediately or train at the gym where the technique was learned.


8. Never be disrespectful to the instructor. Though a student is allowed to disagree with the instructor, the student must first follow the instruction and then discuss the matter later. 


9. A student must always be eager to learn and ask questions.


10. Never betray the instructor. 

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