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MTKD Promotion Announcement:

August 29th, 2020

Helena Garcia  - Red Belt

Daniel Garcia  - Red Belt

Alexander Mander  - Green Belt

Austin Toor  - Green Belt

Emily Toor  -  Green Belt

Yuvraj Singh Dhillon  - Green Stripe(08/09/2020)

Leon (LJ) Amare Archer - Yellow Belt(02/09/2020)

Ayden Mander   - Yellow Belt

Zoila Mizhirumbay  - Yellow Stripe

Jordan Rikhi  - Yellow Stripe

Rick Rikhi  - Yellow Stripe


Congratulations To:

All the students who participated at Newton's Championship!

Ling-Wei Tang: II Dan Black Belt

Bronze in Patterns

Daniel Garcia :

GOLD in Patterns

SILVER in Sparring

Special Technique Champion(Flying High Kick)

Emily Toor:

Silver in Patterns

Bronze in Sparring

Alexander Mander

Silver in Patterns

Gold in Sparring(MTKD classmate)

Khemma Johnson:

Gold in Sparring

Runner Up (Special Technique)

Helena Garcia:

Gold in Patterns

Andrzej Masternak:

Silver in Sparring

Austin Toor

Silver in Sparring (MTKD classmate)

Runner Up(Special Technique)

Mateusz Masternak:

Runner Up(Special Technique)

Marina Keryakoss recognized by the Canadian Elite Taekwon-Do Federation, the National Governing body for the International Taekwon-Do Federation
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